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CARIBBEAN CRUISING CLUB BVI crewed charter yacht, BVI sailing,Virgin Islands, sailboat, Jost Van Dyke, Foxys, Ivans Campground, Anegada, Cane Garden Bay, Tortola, Virgin Gorda, sailing vacation adventure


P.O. 303476
St. Thomas V.I. 00803

340-998-2318  or  340-344-0865
email: sailorjo@caribbeancruisingclub.com

BVI crewed sailboat charters.   Jost Van Dyke, Foxy's, Ivan's Campground, Anegada, Virgin Gorda, Norman Island, Willy T, Cane Garden Bay, Tortola. Crewed sailing yachts for the same rate as a bare boat,  Sail the British Virgin Islands the Caribbean sailing vacation paradise. 
We never show up to meet Foxy on Sunday, he takes Sundays off.
We have been sailing the BVI (British Virgin Islands) and US Virgin Islands over 20 years. We founded Caribbean Cruising Club in 1992 as an alternative to the high cost of sailboat charters in the Caribbean.
Join the crew.  Why sit on the sidelines when you can participate.. Sailboat charters for Active people of all ages.. book a Stateroom or the entire yacht..
We take you to the front row of all the events, you will make all the parties with plenty of beach, snorkeling time included.  You become as involved in sailing the boat as much as you wish, and you never have to worry if the anchor is down.  And now with our per/person per cabin offerings.. no need to put a group together.. pick the dates you want and come sailing, let us worry about filling that other Stateroom.  What a great way to make new lifelong friendships.. those that sail together...

Become a member of this exclusive group.. Caribbean Caribbean Cruising Club, sail the Virgin Islands with us.  Reviews and photos from members aboard RAGAMUFFIN
Sailboat Ragamuffin is now offering all-inclusive BnB in St Thomas, USVI.. 
everything included except sailing..  Join us for a night or for a week..  special summer 2016 rate of $100 per person per night..

We entered RAGAMUFFIN in Foxy's Wooden Boat sailboat RagamuffinRegatta 2006, Classic Division, click here to view the movie.

 Be part of the crew, Go Sailing,  7 Days,  7 Islands!!

So Many Beaches, So Many Bars, so much Sailing, only so much Time!!!!

The only requirement for club membership: a sense of adventure and the ability to enjoy the warm waters,
               steady breezes, colorful sunsets, and vibrant nightlife of the Caribbean.

                     British Virgin Islands, BVI, to the Spanish Virgin Island of Culebra, sailing, snorkeling,
       beautiful snow white beaches, boat drinks, dance the night away to music with that Caribbean beat. 

 Anegada, Scott owns the beach                        BVI sailboat Ragamuffin at Foxy's, Jost Van Dyke, New          Years 2009
Check out our Share the Adventure Cruises aboard SAILBOAT RAGAMUFFIN:
All your friends are landlubbers.. single by choice or by happenstance.. you have some time off and all your sailing buddies have to work .. pick your date and make your reservation..
Per/cabin per/person, afordable alternative for the single sailor or a couple wanting to make new sailing friends.

Captain Squeak on watchBvI sailing Charter vacation, Night time fun   BVI sailing charters, saba rock    BVI crewed sailboat charters    Ruban Chinnery, at Ali Baba's        Ragamuffin sailing in the British Virgin
                    Islands        Quito's, Cane Garden Bay, BVI

Meet local people make Islands friends.

            bvi, jost van
      dyke        Captain Squeak belly rubs..                                                             

Join the Club, come sailing and live the Dream.

Belvin the Dancing Machine              Uncle Boy            BVI sailing Virgin Gorda            Foxy's    
spend some time with the real Foxy       BVI crewed sailboat        charters, Foxy, Jost Van Dyke, BVI Cruise the BVI, learn to RELAX BVI sailing vacations,
        Underwater Bob Reed and Michael Bean's
 Learn to sail, crew participation is encouraged!!
Raise the sails and trim the sheets, actually sail the Yacht
(No more need to rent a bareboat do as much sailing as you wish, party the night away, relax and enjoy your sail, let the crew worry about the boat, the weather and whats for dinner.)

BVI crewed            charter sailboat ragamuffin   BVI crewed charter      sailboat ragamuffin     Dennis trims the jib 

Sail the boat or just bask in the sun

 Charlie on Ragamuffin mizzen watch BVI crewed sailboat charters, time on the            bow sprit

..  10 days for up to 4 Guests.. aboard SAILBOAT RAGAMUFFIN arrive Beef Island Tortola.. sail the BVI for 7 days.. 1 day St John.. 1 day St Thomas... (have to get that shopping fix).. and 3 days stay on land in Culebra, Puerto Rico at the VILLA BOHEME..  includes BVI cruising fees, breakfast, lunch, dinner (as usual some dinners will ashore at the Captains choice and yachts expense) beer, rum wine and soda while aboard www.SAILBOAT RAGAMUFFIN.  2 snorkel excursions included during your stay with at the Villa Boheme,  all for $10,000  
For more information about the Villa Boheme and Culebra check their website...  www.villaboheme.com

BVI sailboat rainbows                    relax and enjoy the sail                     Racing with Tony from
              Last Resort awards at Foxy's Wooded Boat Regatta        BBQ Elm Beach Suites
                                                                                Foxy Wooden Boat Regatta 2007 
                                                                                  guest  crew Tony Snell owner of The Last Resort  


  Learn to be a PIRATE,
 Caribbean Cruising Club's  School of Piracy

Lacie graduates to advanced Piracy
once again crew participation is encouraged!!!!!
for more information click here

                                Decks         BVI sailing, don't forget the        sunscreen         boys on the sun deck 

Relax aboard your private yacht on a spacious cushioned deck or find a comfortable hamock ashore... spend a day watching the kite boarders off the beach in Anegada...

                                  cold beer
        and good friends      crewed sailboat charter, Caribbean,            BVI        Anegada kite sufers

Snorkel in Crystal Clear, Sapphire Blue Waters

         Snorkeling      Marji basks in crystal clear waters  BARRACUDA   


 Click here: Trip pictures and comments from Club Members aboard RAGAMUFFIN

While dreaming of your last cruise or of the one to soon come listen to Club Member Tom Fraser's PERMANENT VACATION RADIO STATION

Captain Squeek                                   Beans and
              Squeak          Captain Squeak

Commodore Squeak (the Cat) rules the fleet with an iron paw.  
Breakfarrrrsting with fellow Captain Michael Beans

Take the stress out of Bareboating, our boats come with Captains and crew.  
Do all the sailing you want and let them worry about the anchor dragging or who's turn it is at the dishes.

Captains Loren Fletcher and Jo Dechant Loren Fletcher/Jo Dechant aboard RAGAMUFFIN,  

      Captain Norman Walker aboard BUTTERFLIES                     Captain Jason BeasleyJason Beasleyaboard  CLOUD  9
Captain John Gould and Heidi Wheeler John Gould and Heidi Wheeleraboard ANTILLEAN


All our club boats are privately owned by their Captains/Crews and have been sailing the Caribbean for many years,
let them take you for a personal tour.

They know what day is special in each bay, so you won't be a day late for the party.

Meet their friends and see some of their favorite places

Michael Beans
A Pirate parties, Michael Beans, Marina Cay.

Michael puts the Arrrrr back in Carrrribbean!!!!  

Elm Beach Suites.. BBQ and music JamFriday/SundayBBQ at Elm Beach  Ivan, White Bay, Jost Van Dyke Ivan delivers supplies, Stress Free Bar
mjblues, one man band     MJBLUES                                                                                        

Saba Rock
Elm Beach Suites
Ivan's stress Free Bar
White Bay Freddie
Jolly Roger Cooper Island

 Sandcastle  Agape Cottages   The Lighthouse Villa's Blue Island Divers
You choose your
we also provide Rendezvous Diving

Culebra - Villa Boheme Guest House Rhymer's
Beach Hotel
Premier Travel Smuggler's View

Don't just take a vacation, live it!

Make it an Adventure, learn to Cruise, dance to the Island Beat, make new friends both on land and under water.  
Combine your sailing adventure with a rendezvous dive.

            at anchor Sailboat charter BVI          Caribbean
The sounds of water against the hull of the boat as she slips through the sapphire blue waters, the vibrant sunsets and the stars so close you can reach out and touch them as you relax in the cockpit after a busy day of sailing, snorkeling and dancing.

BVI sailing,          crewed charter sailboat

Most Voyages commencing from St. Thomas.   For possible destinations Click Here
Arrangements may be made for land accommodations before and after you cruise there are many fine hotels in St. Thomas for the shoppers try the Green Iguana or
Galleon House 340-774-6952 overlooking St. Thomas harbor above Charlotte Amalie.
In the BVI try The Jolly Roger, West End, Tortola, Elm Beach Suites, Rhymer's Beach Hotel or Myett's,

Cane Garden Bay, Tortola; Sand Castle or Ivan's campground, White Bay, Jost Van Dyke
or try something different; on a Spanish Virgin at Villa Boheme on Culebra.

So many beaches, so many bars, only so much time!!!!

S/V RAGAMUFFIN                                S/V                    BUTTERFLIES                             

RAGAMUFFIN sails the Virgin Islands year around,                                  BUTTERFLIES sails Grenada and the Grenadines July to October.
Sailing photo courtesy of Yacht Shots BVI                                                                                
Order  copies of yourself sailing aboard Ragamuffin from Yacht Shots BVI
Professional photo's of your sailing adventure in the British Virgin Islands.

     Cloud 9  Antillean under sail
CLOUD 9 sail the Virgins year around,                                 ANTILLEAN sails the Virgin Islands November to July

Introducing our Spanish Virgin Connection,
explore the Spanish Virgin Islands of Puerto Rico
Click here for rates/availability on Carousel

Check for available dates and make your reservation: sailorjo@caribbeancruisingclub.com

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Pictures of boats under sail courtesy of :  Yacht Shots BVI                       
Professional photo's of your sailing adventure in the British Virgin Islands.

What to bring?

2 or more swimsuits, 4 pair of shorts, 4 tee shirts, 2 collared shirts, and maybe
a light summer type dress, shore sandals, light wind breaker, sunscreen, camera, small flashlight.
Your clothes should fit into a soft sided carry on bag, if you check your luggage is may not arrive in time.
We do not have the capacity to store hard sided or wheeled luggage.

What not to bring?

Blow dryers, electric equipment, expensive jewelry and watches, hard sided luggage,
snorkel equipment except prescription lenses or a favorite mask and snorkel
(we have ample equipment aboard),
tennis shoes ( except in the case of running or hiking)
evening wear, high heeled shoes.


St. Thomas has jet service direct or connecting flights through San Juan, Puerto Rico.
We suggest our guests consider the purchase of travel insurance for protection against cancellation penalties and many other unforeseeable circumstances.




email: sailorjo@caribbeancruisingclub.com

All our boats are privately owned and operated.  We are drug free boats.
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